Ngoc Giau 's dream comes true

Ngoc Giau, born in 2004, attended Tan Chau High School in Tay Ninh. She was granted the Greenleaves scholarship when she was a 7th grader. Her father is 70 years old and can no longer work. Her mother has chronic kidney disease and must undergo dialysis three times a week. When she first applied for the Greenleaves Scholarship, she stated that graduating from high school was her main dream.
Ngoc Giau just recently graduated from high school, and luckily after many years stuck in disputes and lawsuits, her parents can finally sell their small piece of land and can finance her college education.
As a token of her appreciation, she wrote an emotional letter to thank her sponsor for his long-term support and GiKaD's help over the years. Besides the financial support from her sponsor and GiKaD, she also deeply appreciated the love, the caring she received, and the moral values instilled in her over the years. Those values will always be with her and give her the strength to overcome obstacles to succeed.    

Through the support of the Greenleaves Scholarship program, Ngoc Giau has proven that we can help our students to overcome hardship, and we can help turn their dream of  “Escaping Poverty Through Education” into reality.

GiKaD would like to congratulate Ngoc Giau on your success and wish you the best in all your dream and ambition.

Photos of an “Escaping Poverty Through Education” Journey

thank-you letter