Corona Emergency Aid

GiKaD recently received a request from Mrs. Kolmsee to support the children she and her family are sponsoring during the current Corona epidemic by making a donation.

Their situation is very difficult, like the mother and grandmother of Nguyen Thanh Hien (grade 3, Hung Vuong Elementary School, Tay Ninh) who sell lottery tickets. The state initially stopped issuing lottery tickets until April 15th, temporarily the lottery agent supports the mother with 60.000 VND / day. We don't know what the future looks like.
Le Thanh Nguyen (grade 7, Vo Thanh Trang High School, Tan Phu), whose school is closed due to the corona epidemic, uses the time to help her mother, who packs clothes (uniforms, dresses, pyjamas) in cellophane bags. The wages are 20.000 - 30.000 VND per 100 sets.

The kindness of Mrs. Kolmsee is the reason why GiKaD has decided to help the sponsored children with VND 500.000 each from a donation of a family in Montreal, Canada.

On behalf of the children, GiKaD would like to thank the sponsors who accompany GiKaD in the sense of Make the world a better place!


Thanh Hiền with her mother and grandmother during the handover of the Corona emergency aid by the staff of the "Association for Promoting of Education" (Hội Khuyến học) in Tây Ninh.