Free english Lessons

Currently, in Saigon, English is being taught as a second language from first grade, emphasizing learning vocabulary and grammar. However, conversation and Question/Answer interview training are not being paid much attention to. Most students have to take private lessons at foreign language centers to improve all four skills of learning English: listening, speaking, reading, and writing since they are part of the requirements for university entrance exams.

The following is a list of students from the Greenleaves Scholarship program, who have excellent academic performance but cannot afford to pay for private lessons at foreign language schools:
- Huynh Ngoc Gia Thanh, 10th grader, Phu Nhuan high school- her father sells rice wine at the market. Her mother is paralyzed (please click on this link for more details)
- Nguyen Hoang Thanh Tam, 10th grader, Binh Hung Hoa High School, Binh Tan, Hoc Mon, (please click on this link for more details)
- Vo Huu Tin, 10th grader, Tran Phu high school, Tan Phu district (please click on this link for more details)
- Vo Minh Trung, 7th grader, Vo Thanh Trang High School, Tan Phu district (Trung is Tin's younger brother)
- Dang Quoc Huy, University of Food Industry (please click on this link for more details).

Due to their family's difficult circumstances, in addition to the lack of money for private lessons, those students are also living in the suburbs. They do not have the means to go to foreign language centers. Although the PC4Kids program has given the students desktop and laptop computers to facilitate their English self-learning, their level is quite low and not much improvements have been made.

Fortunately, Mrs. Lily Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Australian English teacher in Saigon, has volunteered to tutor these children at no fees. GiKad hopes that with the help of Mrs. Lily and with their determination to overcome difficulties, the above students’ dream of “Escaping poverty by way of education” will come true.

We sincerely appreciate the support from Mrs. Lily Nguyen.

GiKad hopes to find additional volunteers to teach English to our students (please contact GiKaD via There are many other GiKaD children whose dream is to be excel in English for a chance to get into college.

Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh Tâm's Interview

Below is the excerpt from the interview video (via zoom) to examine student’s English level.