Pandemic sufferer

Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh Tâm, 10th grader, Binh Hung Hoa high school, Binh Tan district. His mother was pregnant with him when his parents divorced in 2006. Tam and his mother were quarantined and just recently returned home after getting infected with the Covid19 virus. During the quarantine period, Tam’s online schooling was greatly interrupted. He learned via a small cell phone, which does not work most of the time due to weak signal reception. Although he only has a tiny 3G phone, Tam turned down the offer from us to buy him a new 4G phone. We are quite impressed by his unselfish nature.

Trương Thanh Tâm, 6th grader, Nguyen Trai high school, Go Vap. His father passed away at an early age, and his mother sells lottery tickets on the street. Since the citywide lockdown, there is no source of income. He received the first wave of SOSCov aid  (1st  wave: 750.000d, 2nd wave: 500.000d). His mother sent an appreciation text with a picture of their first meal with meat since the 3-month lockdown.

Trần Thị Doanh Doanh, 9th grader, Vo Thanh Trang high school, 12th district. With her parents divorced at an early age, she has been living with her grandmother. Even though Doanh Doanh has to sell lottery tickets in her spare time, she managed to have excellent grades. Since the Covid19 lockdown, both she and her grandma do not have any income. With the rents and debts piled up, her grandmother plans to move to the countryside. Doanh Doanh has decided to stay behind to continue her schooling. She plans to ask for permission to stay at the nearby Phuoc Thanh Temple.

Bùi Quốc Huy, 5th grader, Pham Van Chieu elementary school, 12th District. His mother passed away. His father used to be a truck driver for a construction material company. Since the lockdown, his father has had no income. In the new school year, Huy has no means to attend online schooling. With the generous help of Miss Tram, who sponsors Huy’s scholarship and under the GiKaD’s guidance, his father has contacted the school and able to get a cell phone for Huy to continue with his online schooling.

Bui Quoc Huy with the second hand mobile phone bought for online learning and his thank you letter.

Phạm Thanh Tâm, 12th District. With his parents divorced, he has been living with his grandparents. His grandfather used to be a bricklayer; he is now a sanitation worker. His grandmother used to pick up and sell recycled bottles, but she has not been working for a while due to a severe cut in the hand. Her diabetes further exacerbates the health problem. Tam is supposed to be in 6th-grade class, but he no longer attends school because the family has no means to continue online schooling. Miss Tram, who sponsors Tam’s scholarship, already provided the cell phone to aid the online education. GiKaD is trying to convince the grandparents to let him go back to school.

Distribution SOSCov, EgoStom, Scholarship 2021-2022

For the new school year, in addition to the usual 1st-semester scholarship, GiKaD continues to offer wave 2 of the Emergency Covid-19 Aid to the students in the following schools:
- Nguyễn Trãi high school, Gò Vấp
- Võ Thành Trang high school, 12th district
- Trần Phú high school, Tân Phú
- Tân Bình high school, Tân Phú
- Lê Trọng Tấn high school, Tân Phú
- Vocational Education Center- Center for Continuing Education, Tân Phú district
Via Greenleaves Scholarship program, GiKaD will continue to provide scholarships for the 1st semester.