Toy Donation of Aeon Fantasy Vietnam Co., LTD.

At Christmas 2020, Aeon Fantasy Vietnam, a company under Aeon Group Japan, starting Toy Donation program, called on Kidzooona and Fanpekka customers to donate toys, stuffed animals etc. to poor children.

GiKaD has introduced to the company Gia đinh tinh thuong Te-Phan, Vuon Xoai Parish, where more than 50 disabled and orphans have been nurtured (website: company / family-family-love-te-phan-356.html).
The company's delegation visited and brought to the children of Gia dinh tinh thuong Te Phan some cartons of teddy bears and toys.

On behalf of the children, GiKaD would like to sincerely thank Aeon Fantasy Vietnam Co., Ltd. and all the donors for these lovely gifts.