A short interview with the youngest donor via Viber video on 03.03.2018.

- Hi Sony *)!

- Hello Aunt!


- How much did you get from your Lucky Money?
- More than 5 millions, me and Alex.
- What are you going do with that money?
- I would save them in my piggy bank and will touch them only when needed.
- If I really need money, would give them to me?
- I would only lend them to you, but very reluctantly!
- What can you do with 200.000 Dong?
- I could buy 10 meals, or a ticket nach Nha Trang, or 15 comic books.
- So why are you giving your money to those children?
- Just because I don’t have a 100,000 bill.
- Oh, I mean that has anyone convinced you to donate your money to these children?
- Oh no, I just wanted to do that!!!
- Are you doing well in school?
- I am almost an excellent student.
- Why almost?
- Because I only got 9.5 points, you need to get 10 points to be an excellent student.
- What do you want to be when you grow up?
- I wish to become a pilot.
- So I wish that you will get 10 points in school.  

*) Sony is the nickname of an 11-year-old boy living in Saigon. He's in 5th grade, has a keen sense of numbers, is very frugal, even towards himself.

Sony, Lunar New Year 2018
Sony, Lunar New Year 2018