2023 Year-End Report

With 2023 coming to an end, it’s time to summarize our work throughout the year. GiKad sincerely would like to send our deepest thanks to our sponsors and all benefactors who have sponsored the children.

Greenleaves Scholarship And GL500+ Scholarship

During the 2022-2023 school year, the Greenleaves Scholarship program supported 83 high school students and 2 college students.
At the end of the school year, many students received certificates of merit as outstanding students:
- 4 children have completed the primary school program.
- 12 students passed the 10th grade exam.
- 7 students graduated from Baccalaureate, of which 4 students went to university and 2 students went to college.

We are proud to say that Vo Huu Tin, one of our students, was admitted to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. This is truly a commendable achievement because the Pharmacy school is highly competitive and only enrolls 375 students annually.

Since the school tuition alone are high compared to their family's income, our students must work part-time at shops, restaurants, etc. to cover necessities such as room, rental, food, transportation, school materials and additional training. With the GL500+ scholarship, we ask for your help assisting students with some of their study expenses.


With the PC4Kids program, GiKaD was able to award computers to 7 children:
1) Tran Thao Linh, grade 9
2) Nguyen Hoang Thien, grade 11
3) Le Thanh Nguyen, grade 11
4) Nguyen Tran Khac Tuan, grade 11
5) Le Thi Thuy Trang, grade 11

6) Pham Ho Bao Long, grade 11
7) Vo Thi Huong Duyen, 1st year college student
To date, the total number of computers given to our students are 13 laptops and 4 desktop computers.

In addition, GiKaD also provided 3 students additional funding to purchase tables and chairs to improve their poor study conditions.

Ms. Lily's Free English Tutoring Program

In 2023, 6 GiKaD children studied English at Ms. Lily's classes, free of charge.
At the beginning of the year, Ms. Lily organized a New Year's party for the students of her English class "The Learning Tree" (TLT). Eleven students receiving scholarships from GiKaD's EgoStom program participated in this event.
In addition, Ms. Lily also awarded Huynh Ngoc Gia Thanh, grade 12, a meeting at a career consulting company.


Bookstore gift
Bookstore gift

Students in the EgoStom program continue to receive reading assignments with educational topics about personal growth, morals and ethics. They are required to write essays expressing their inner thoughts and their own lessons learned.
Students with the best essays will receive an additional reward of 200,000 VND for each essay. This year, in addition to the cash rewards, they also received bookstore gift certificates from Ms. Phuong Anh.
Through these essays, GiKaD can observe the students' personal growth. Some students continue to do their very best. For the ones who performed poorly, or the ones who took the support from EgoStom for granted, GiKaD sent out stern letter to remind them.

Special gift

In 2023, GiKaD received watches donated by our generous donors. These watches were delivered to the students as a gift for their academic efforts.

The more joy you bring to others, the more joy will return to your heart - this German proverb is also our GiKaD’s motto. We want to make the world a better place, providing our destitute children a path out of poverty through education, turning their dreams into reality.

On this occasion, on behalf of the children, GiKaD would like to thank you for your support. Your effort truly helps Make the world a better place for them.

We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous new year.