Our Special visit in March 2024

On March 9 - March 10, 2024, GiKaD sent 4 Greenleaves Scholarship's students to attend the Rise up Campfire event from Dong Du Foreign Language Center founded by Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoe. The Rise Up campfire event was held at Dong Du Japanese language facility in Binh My, Cu Chi.
1.  Tran Hieu Long, 2nd year student at Polytechnic University, majoring in Automobile Technology
2. Tran Quoc Hao, first-year student at Eastern International University, majoring in Software Engineering
3.  Nguyen Hoang Thien, grade 11, Binh Hung Hoa High School, Hoc Mon
4.   Pham Ho Bao Long, grade 11, Nguyen Huu Tien High School, Cu Chi
During this meeting, students got to know each other and shared the image of a student who has always thrived to achieve his dreams and great things in life. In addition, each student had a 5-minute speech to express their thoughts about a book they have read.


My name is Tran Quoc Hao, I am a freshman at Eastern International University, majoring in Software Engineering. I was extremely happy to attend the summer camp event with other students, and several members of the Rise Up Scholarship organization. The student campfire event was truly a meaningful experience. This was an opportunity for students like me to connect with each other outside of the study environment, share stories, interests and create meaningful relationships. March 9,2024 was the first day of the campfire event. It was announced that we would gather at 5:00 p.m., but since I lived far away, I arrived early at 3:00 p.m. to avoid traffic congestion.
After meeting Mr. Toan who oversees the summer camp, he took me to the venue and guided me around the campsite. I felt so happy when Mr. Toan enthusiastically showed me the camping site. Next, I met Mr. Hoe, but I did not know then that he is the principal of Dong Du Japanese Language School. By 5:30 p.m., everyone arrived and completed preparations for the camping session. Mr. Hoe gathered everyone into a circle, took attendance and made a preliminary announcement about the camping session. At 6 pm, he invited everyone to the kitchen area for dinner with the 4 camp leaders. At 7:00 p.m., the whistle blew, everyone gathered on the field and divided into teams. I was placed on a team of 7 members, all from the Rise Up Scholarship organization. Even though we never met before, everyone in my group was friendly and we caught up with each other very quickly. In less than 5 minutes, I made 6 new friends. The 5 team leaders of the 5 teams were invited to a meeting, and the preparation of performances and team’s names with slogans were left to the group deputy to prepare. About half an hour later, the group leader finished the meeting and returned to the team to get ready for the musical performances. At 8 p.m., everyone heard the whistle and gathered in a circle. As our camp leader, Mr. Hoe announced the start of the campfire and held the torch to light the campfire at the center. The campfire event officially began.
The campfire event was not simply a meaningful activity, it also gave me new feelings that I have not experienced before. Although it is not a 100% real campfire, there was still a feeling of joy and happiness in the air. I gained new knowledge that I have never learned before. Everyone chatted, and held group meetings to discuss musical performances, participated in classical dances, and most of all, they were able to relieve the stress and fatigue of studying and everyday living. Then, the groups took turns participating in the campfire dances under the instructions of the leaders. The dances were not only vibrant but also interesting and created great laughs among us; everyone seemed to forget how tired they were and joined in the fun of the campfire. Afterward, the groups took turns performing the performances they prepared earlier. Although there was very little time, everyone tried hard to perfect it. There were so many applauses and laughter throughout the night.
By 9:30 p.m., the fire was about to die out. Everyone quietly listened to the four camp leaders singing songs signaling that the fire was over. Then, everyone said goodbye to the leaders and entered the activity room. Here, each person introduced themselves, the most special was the history, the story told by Mr. Hoe. Starting with nothing, but with his talent and hard work, he became the principal of Dong Du Japanese Language School. Above all, he has always been a patriotic and idealistic man, dedicating his whole life to the well-being of our country. His ideal made me more aware of the purpose of learning. The purpose of learning is not simply to have a good life for myself and take care of my family, but also to help the society I live in and my country.
At around 10:30 p.m., everyone gathered in the kitchen to eat black bean sweet dessert. Everyone chatted about life, their study, or even part-time jobs. Laughter grew from there. At 11 p.m., everyone was notified that it was time to sleep. Each person then took a mattress, a sheet, a pillow, a blanket and arrange a place to sleep for the night.
The next morning, everyone woke up at 6 o'clock. At around 7 o'clock, we had breakfast and started to clean up what was left of yesterday. At 8:30 am, everyone said goodbye to each other and left.
This campfire event brought me so many valuable lessons about social connection, togetherness, and long-lasting memories. Perhaps the campfire gathering should be a vital part in every student's life journey.