Corona Emergency AID - SOSCov

Although the Covid-19 social distancing measures have been in force since the beginning of June 2021, Vietnam is still having a serious outbreak due to the Delta variants.  Most of the districts are closed, which cause the living conditions of our already-impoverished children and their families to become unbearable. The followings are some of the examples:

1) Huynh Ngoc Gia Thanh (9th grade, Nguyen Van Nghi Middle School)
Gia Thanh’s father was operated on for appendicitis in early June. Her mother had to stop selling fermented glutinous rice on the roadside due to Go Vap district's complete lockdown. Although the district is no longer completely closed, all roadside or street food selling are still prohibited for social distancing. With lack of income, the family relies on a few bags of instant noodle given by the municipal administration, which they use very sparingly as the only side dish to the rice.
Gia Thanh is in 9th grade and has excellent school performance, taking first place in her class. She is currently preparing for the 10th grade entrance exam.

2) Tran Thi Doanh Doanh (8th grade, Vo Thanh Trang Middle School)
Although Doanh Doanh’s grandmother is still able to sell lottery tickets, the number of tickets sold have fallen sharply. Every day, Doanh Doanh would run around, desperately try to find a place that handout small rations of rice or food supplies. She already gave her grandmother all the money from the EgoStom support to pay for the rent. The rent plus electricity and water cost around 2,500,000 VND / month. Due to the pandemic, her seamstress aunt who also lives there became unemployed and unable to help with the rent. Her family is struggling to make ends meet.
Doanh Doanh achieved the top grades in her 8th grade school year.

3) Huynh Ngoc Tram (7th grade, Nguyen Van Nghi Middle School)
Since the beginning of June, Tram’s mother was not allowed to sell on the street. She also has not been allowed to work as a domestic help since the ban came into effect.

4) Truong Thanh Tam (5th grade, Le Hoan Elementary School)
Tam’s mother had to stop selling lottery tickets at the beginning of June. Mother and child have relied on the help of the municipal administration for basic essentials (rice, pasta), which the family can barely survive on.
Tam is a student with a very good school performance.

Above are only a few examples of the struggles our GiKaD’s already-impoverished students are currently facing.

GiKaD recently received a request from two donors in Canada to forward the aid to the needy children after knowing of the plights of Gia Thanh, Doanh Doanh, Ngoc Tram and Thanh Tam ‘s families.


Due to the increasingly serious situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, GiKaD has started the SOSCov Emergency Aid program. GiKaD will distribute the first donation of the above two donors in the amount of 500 CAD (approx. 9,500,000 VND) to the children in urgent need, so that their families can buy food.


In contrast to the previous aid programs from GiKaD, in which each child received the same amount of 500,000 VND, the SOSCov Emergency aid will use the amount collected from donors to distribute to the children based on needs and urgency.

Please put SOSCov as a note on all donation checks to this campaign so that the money can be used for this specific purpose.

On behalf of the children and their families, GiKaD would like to thank everyone for their donations and supports. Together, we can all make a difference.

If you have further questions, please send an email to