From dream to vision

At the end of 2019, we were looking for sponsors for some children, including TRẦN PHẠM MINH ANH, who is currently in 6th grade at Võ Thành Trang secondary school in the Tân Phú district. Her father left her when she was young. Her mother died in 2015. She now lives with her brothers. The oldest (23 years old) works as a scooter Uber driver and delivery service driver to earn money.

When her mother died, the oldest brother had to give up studying at university. Since he has no degree, he can only work as a driver. He earns about 5 - 6 million VND (ca. 250 - 300€) a month.
They go to their grandmother to get food.


Minh Anh finally found her sponsor!
Another sponsor from our Greenleaves program read the article and asked GiKaD for more information about her eldest brother.
Mrs. Ngoc Anh, our contact person in Vietnam, spoke to Minh Anh's  (half)brother Bùi Tấn Đạt. He was in the final year of studying at the University of Science and Economics Phú Lâm (District 6) when their  mother died. However, he did not accredit his acquired certificates when he gave up studying and started working as a Grab-driver
in order to finance school for his two younger siblings.
He  said that when his younger brother finished the apprenticeship, he would start studying computer science again because he believes that this subject offers many opportunities to find a good job after graduation. He hopes that he can resume his studies in 2022 and will probably need 2 to a maximum of 3 years to graduate. He is currently applying to work at the computer and mobile phone shops because the payment is better and more stable there.
His current highest income as a Grab-driver and food delivery driver is 7-8 million
VND (approx. 275-350 ) per month, less the fuel costs 250,000 VND (approx. 10 €), mobile phone payment 500.000 VND (approx. 20 €), electricity and water 600,000 VND (approx. 25 €), meals and other costs, he can save monthly up to 500.000 - 600.000 VND month. If the income is below that, he can't  save.
His brother attended the vocational school for transport and logistics, the school fee is about 7 - 8 million
VND / year and is paid in two rates. After completing the training, the fee will be refunded. He said that the school fees are like a kind of savings for him.
Đạt thanked Ms. Ngoc Anh several times that Greenleaves granted Minh Anh a scholarship and thought about him and his siblings, and hopes that everything will go as smoothly as he planned.

What Đạt told us is not just a dream, it is the great effort of a responsible young adolescent who is firmly convinced that education is the way out of poverty and who is working hard to make his dream come true.