The school year 2022-2023 is the first school year after the pandemic that students do not have to study online. In addition to trying to catch up with the knowledge lacking in the two years of online learning, some students also have to prepare for the college graduation exam this summer. Thanks to the GL500+ scholarship, students can pay for exam preparation or cover the costs of books and professional tools.
In their letters to their sponsors, where they presented their career plans, words in previous letters, such as "I dream of becoming ..." have been replaced with "I am preparing for the entrance exam to the university ...".
This school year, there are eight students in 12th grade, some of whom have been supported by sponsors for more than five consecutive years.

GiKaD strongly believes that these students will achieve their goals and realize their dreams.

Xuân Khang 's thank-you letter

Dear Ms. Nguyen Quynh Anh!

My name is Nguyen Xuan Khang, and I am a student fortunate enough to receive your help. Throughout the years, your scholarship fund has provided me with school materials, tuition as well as the encouragement and motivation to succeed. You have helped me since junior years to high school graduation. Your gifts are precious to me, and I sincerely appreciate your generosity.
The book "Heart" (written by Edmondo De Amicis) has taught me how to live and treat people kindly. Your generous gifts at every New Year "Tet" has helped lessen the hardship and worrisome for my mother. We were able to celebrate the new year celebration fully. For our family of 3, the lucky money of 500,000 VND is a tremendous gift, and it brings us great relief and happiness on those precious holidays. This "red envelope" gives me more encouragement and motivation to do my best and try harder.
I sincerely wish you and your family great health, togetherness, and happiness. I hope you will be young forever to help guide students like me. Finally, I would like to wish you success in your work and your life.
Sincerely yours

THank-you letters

Scholarship award in Tây Ninh

Scholarship award Cần Giờ