Learning English with Lily

In order to help some of the children who receive the Greenleaves scholarship and have excellent academic performance but can't afford to pay for private lessons at foreign language schools Ms. Lily Nguyen has allowed our scholar Huynh Ngoc Gia Thanh to attend her English classes tuition free.
Here are some pictures of the class activities on Mother's Day (08 May 2022).

The students were divided into 2 groups and were requested to createg a poster for the Mother's Day event within 20 minutes. They are free to choose the location and activities of the event that are appropriate for their mothers.

The girls team has an idea to organize a camping trip in the park where the moms can sing karaoke, cook and do yoga for free. The boys team's idea is to hold an event in an "extremely expensive paradise", with animals, food, music ... and many services, "extremely cheap", only ... 15 million VND per person for 2 days.

Group 1: IN THE PARK

Group 2: Extrem expensive paradise