In March 2024, Tran Hieu Long, a second-year Polytechnic University student majoring in Automotive Engineering, received a laptop from the PC4Kids program. In his thank you letter he expressed his great joy about this gift.

To the board of the Greenleaves Scholarship organization,
My name is Hieu Long Tran. I am writing this letter to thank you for your unwavering support by providing me with much-needed school essentials.
About 2 weeks ago, I went to the party to meet Mrs. Hong and Mr. Gerhard as well as other students in the Greenleaves Scholarship organization. We gathered to get acquainted and discuss about the previous Campfire Night event with the Vuon Len Scholarship organization.
Through the Greenleaves Scholarship organization, I received a very valuable gift, a laptop to support my studies. Receiving a laptop at that time was literally a "lifesaver" for me because my midterm exams happened to be in the following week. Having a laptop in time helped me tremendously in gathering documents for review as well as extracting related photos (I had 2 exam subjects that I referenced to those documents). Thanks to the gift from you, I was able to complete my exams quite well. I believe that this precious gift will make a great impact in my schooling in the future.
I would like to send my sincere thanks for this valuable laptop. I promise to use it in the best way possible and take good care of it. Lastly, I want to wish the board and the sponsors of the Greenleaves  cholarship organization lots of health and joy.

Hieu Long Tran