Greenleaves 3rd year

The school year 2019-2020 has started in September and the applications for a scholarship are currently being processed. The students have to reapply, the family situation and neediness are re-examined. Among other things, the annual application has  the purpose of motivating children to perform better, as they have to submit their certificates from the last school year.

Due to the increase in exchange rates (USD, EUR) and living costs in Vietnam, the amount of Greenleaves scholarships will increase:
- Primary school,  grade 1-5:            1.200.000 VND
- Secondary school,
grade 6-9:       1.700.000 VND
Secondary school, grade 10-12:  2.300.000 VND

GiKaD currently supports 31 elementary school students (grades 1-5), 34 students (grades 6-9) and 6 students (grades 10-12), see Greenleaves's development here.

This year, GiKaD gets an application from Y Hien, a student of the Medical College Dong Nai (Bien Hoa).

Y Hien, 19 years old, is from an ethnic minority in Kontum. Her sister has recommended her to GiKaD.
Her sister is a nun of the order "Filles de la Médaille Miraculeuse", founded in 1947 by French Bishop Jean Liévin Joseph Sion Khâm, whose mission was to improve the material and spiritual life of the villagers, teaching young people, helping mothers and the poor, especially caring for the disabled, educating orphans and widows of indigenous peoples.

Y Hien attends the 2nd year education at the Medical College Dong Nai. The tuition fee is 10 million VND/ a year. She lives in a dorm, 1 room for 4 people, she pays
monthly VND 250,000, electricity and water bill excluded. She visits the Medicin College until 4 p.m, then works as a swamper to earn extra money for study and living. The family has 5 siblings, 2 are married, have moved out, their parents work on rice fields or coffee plantations. She dreams of going to the university.

We wish Y Hien that her dream come true so that she can help her ethnic people.

For the new school year, GiKaD hopes, with your help, dear sponsors and donors, that we will continue to accompany the children day by day, year after year, and help them achieve their dream.