Thank-you Letters

GiKaD received further donations from Mrs. Beate and Mr. Michael Kolmsee for their sponsored children. Since Vietnam also requires a two-week self-quarantine after returning from a risk area, our GiKaD staff members coudn't handed over the money to the children until the end of August. Since school will start again soon, they can use the money to buy school supplies and clothing for the new school year.

On behalf of the children we would like to say thank you to all our sponsors who help the children to realize their dream, even if "Actually, my dream is very vague, not concrete, because I really just want to learn well", as Thanh Nguyen wrote in her thank you letter.

Thanh Hiền, 3rd grade, with her grandmother

and with Mrs Điệp from the non-profit organization Association for Promoting of Education

Lê Thanh Nguyên's thank-you letter, 7th grade, secondary school Võ Thành Trang, Tân Phú

Lê Hoàng Sang's thank-you letter, vocational school for Transport and Logistics III, Tân Phú