PC4Kids - Computer for Kids

With PC4Kids - PC for children - GiKaD wants to support high school students who dream of escaping poverty through education.

Nowadays, computers are digital learning tools that actively supports students at school and becomes more  important when they attend a university.

Dang Quoc Huy is an excellent student. He visits the Binh Hung Hoa High School,  12th grade. He is currently preparing for the entrance examination to the University of Economics in this summer. He dreams of  having a computer to improve his knowledge.

GiKaD decided to give Huy a second-hand but in very good condition Lenovo Thinkpad T460 laptop, which Huy can use until the end of his studies. The purchase price was 13,000,000 VND (approx. € 460). For more information, please refer to the attached warranty certificate (the store gave a discount of 500,000 VND for the charitable purpose).

On January 7th the laptop was handed over by Mrs. Ngoc Anh, our GiKaD representative on site, in the presence of Mrs. Mai, the principal of the Vo Thanh Trang School, who recommended Huy for the Greenleaves program, as well as Huy and his father. On that occasion, Mrs. Ngoc let Huy know that his sponsor will support him with 1 million VND a month until the exam so that he could pay the cost of English lessons and have some pocket money .


This is the third computer that GiKaD has donated to the Greenleaves scholars. In 2019, Huynh Ngoc Gia Thanh, a student of the Nguyen Van Nghi middle school, and Y Hien (she comes from the Tơ Drá ethnic minority in Kontum), a student of the Dong Nai Medical School, already got their computer/laptop.

Huy REceiveD his laptop, 07.01.2021

Mrs Ngoc Anh, Mrs Mai, Huy and his father.

Gia Thanh RECEIVED HER desktop computer, 02.2019

Em Y Hiền RECEIVED Her laptop, 12.2019