Greenleaves 500+ scholarships

Currently, to study for a suitable profession or to be able to pass the entrance exam to public universities, students must have a plan when starting high school. This plan should include the estimate for the costs for at least three years in high school and the cost of attending a vocational school or university. Lately, the cost of preparing to pass the entrance exam to public schools is high. It includes tuition fees for private exam preparation centers for several required subjects, as well as food and living accomodation, books, professional tools, etc. (see article "Trường công không rẻ" ( Public Schools Aren't Cheap), only in vietnamese)".


To support students who have dreams for further education, GiKaD has established the Greenleaves 500+ (GL500+) program. The scholarships in this program will bear the sponsor's name, for example, "J. Doe Scholarship", "A. Nguyen Scholarship," etc., and be funded for a minimum period of 3 years with an amount of at least USD 500/year. The amount of the scholarship funding can be adjusted from year to year depending on the sponsor. For example, it could be $500 in the first year, $500 in the second year and $1,000 in the third year, etc. In order to  apply for this scholarship, students have submit a motivation letter, stating your reasons, aspirations, future plans, etc. Qualified applications will be sent to the scholarship sponsors for final selection.


The Greenleaves Scholarship GL500+ is an annual selection scholarship. Each year, students will have to apply for the scholarship renewal by writing a report on their academic achievements in the previous year, as well as a motivation letter detailing their specific accomplishments, what they did for the community, etc. If the student still meets the criteria, he/she will continue to receive the GL500+ scholarship. If he/she no longer meets the requirements, another student will be selected for this scholarship.


The GL500+ program will be widely announced to students who are currently receiving the Young Leaves Scholarship. Students who have ambitions to further their study,  or to pursue a stable profession, and who have the capabilities and specific needs (such as needing more money to cover tuition fees etc.) are encouraged to apply. A student can apply for more than one scholarship if they wish.

GiKaD currently has 4 GL500+ scholarships for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year:
- A & J Minton Scholarship USD 500/year
- D. Breuer Scholarship USD 500/year
- YC & G Lange Scholarship USD 500/year
- P. Blume Scholarship USD 1000/year

In order to  receive the list of eligible students for the final selection, any sponsors who would like to contribute to the implementation of the GL500+ program, please contact GiKaD’s email at

Malcolm X once said "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Day by day, year by year, your help will help our young students to stride further in the journey to achieve their dream.

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