Pandemic sufferer

Tăng Nguyễn Gia Hân is a 2nd grader, Pham Van Chieu Primary School, District 12. Her 17-year-old brother dropped out of school after the 6th grade because of poor school performance, he is currently learning ironwork in Thạnh Lộc, District 12. Her father works occasionally as a painter or as a Crab-driver, her mother sells vegetables and fruits on the market, this has recently been banned due to Covid-19 and her father cannot work due to social distancing. The family currently has no income at all.

Due to these circumstances, Gia Hân received 750,000 VND of the SOSCov support. The parents do not have an account number, nor do they know anyone who has an account to receive SOSCov money, so they have to wait for the new school year to get it via the school.

SOSCov Distribution

In July, SOSCov emergency aid was further distributed to the children of the following schools:
- Elementary School Pham Van Chieu, District 12
- Elementary School Binh My, Cu Chi
- Elementary School Nguyen Hien, Tay Ninh
- Middle School Nguyen Van Nghi, Go Vap
- High School Binh Hung Hoa, Binh Tan
- Middle SchoolBinh Hoa, Cu Chi
- High School Quang Trung, Tan Chau, Tay Ninh
- High School Le Quy Don, Tay Ninh
- Middle School Tan Hung, Binh Phuoc
- University of Transport and Logistics 3

Due to the social distancing requirements that apply from May, the pricipal of the Vo Thanh Trang middle school, District 12, cannot immediately distribute SOSCov aid to the children, except for children whose parents have bank accounts. The money will be handed over as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

In Tay Ninh, the children receive SOSCov support through the Association for the Promotion of Education (Hội Khuyến Học).

In Tan Chau, the children receive SOSCov help through the local branch of the association.

SOSCov distribution in Tây Ninh