The Christmas gift

On Saturday, 15th December 2018, Mrs Trâm and her son Gia Khánh visited their godchildren Bùi Quốc Huy and Phạm Thanh Tâm, who attend the Primary school Phạm Văn Chiêu, district 12, in Saigon.
After the visit on 6th January 2018, we already reported about Tâm and Huy's difficult situation.
Huy and his dad no longer live with the grandparents and other family members, but in a small flat not far from it. The monthly rent is 800,000 VND. Huy's brother finished his vocational training and now works as a car mechanic. Huy is in 2nd grade and has become more open-minded and voluble compared to the last visit. His favorite subject at school is Math.

Huy, Mrs Trâm, her son Gia Khánh                                                  Bùi Quốc Huy

Tâm is in 3rd grade, his favorite subjects are Math and Vietnamese.
When he got the books as gifts, he took a one, turned to his grandmother, and told in great excitement that his class representative had just that book.
Tâm has a nearsightedness of -2.0 diopters. His grandmother showed a bill over the glasses of 760.000 VND.  Mrs. Trâm has refunded her the money.
Tâm still has pain in his joints. Mrs. Trâm said that his weight gain was due to the side effect of the cortisone contained in the painkillers.

Mrs. Trâm and her son Gia Khánh gave the two children's books, toys, badminton sets (both do not know this sport), clothing (they fit Huy, but they did not fit Tâm because he's a bit chubby), candies and  for each child 1 million VND as money gift.
On the occasion, the children were given toothbrushes and toys donated by Kim Nhật Quang from Canada.

Little dream, big happiness

Santa Claus is no longer a stranger to Vietnamese children, but for Huy, Tâm, and many other poor children, Santa is the sponsor, the donor who visits them, brings gifts, and gives them the hope that miracles can happen, like Tâm as he held the book in his hand that was allegedly owned only by the class representative!

You can be the Santa Claus for these children

Please help them make their dream comes true!