Corona's plight

Since April we've started to distribute the Corona emergency aid to the children.
The following is some information about the financial situation of theirs families:


1) Bùi Quốc Huy, 2nd class, primary school Phạm Văn Chiêu, District 12, half orphan, the father works as a driver.

2) Phạm Thanh Tâm, 3rd grade, primary school Phạm Văn Chiêu, the parents are divorced, Tâm lives with his grandparents, the grandfather occasionally finds work as a mason, the grandmother works as a garbage collector.

3) Trương Thanh Tâm, 3rd grade, primary school Lê Hoàn, Gò Vấp, half orphan, her mother could no longer sell lottery tickets, the agency supports her with 200.000 VND. The family relies on the distribution of instant noodles and rice from charitable institutions for daily meals.

4) Huỳnh Ngọc Trâm, 4th grade, primary school Nguyễn Viết Xuân , Gò Vấp, her father has to stay in the village to take care of his sick mother,her  mother has to take care of 3 children, worked as a household helper for 3 families, now 2 families quit her job due to social distancing.


5) Võ Thị Tường Vy, 4th grade, primary school Bình Mỹ, Củ Chi, half orphan, her father works in a factory that produces incense sticks, currently because of Corona's he has now work break and receives 500.000 VND support from the factory.

6) Nguyễn Thành Phát, 5th grade, primary school in Tân Biên, Tây Ninh, divorced parents, he has a mentally retarded older sister, the mother always took her with her when she went to sell lottery tickets because she was afraid that her daughter is misused due to the disease. The family currently has no income at all because the state has canceled the lottery due to the corona crisis.

7) Phạm Hồ Bảo Long, 7th grade, middle school Bình Hòa, Củ Chi, half orphan, his mother is a seamstress, she still has work, but because of Corona fewer jobs than usual. Since the schools are still closed, Bao Long and his younger brother earn some money by sticking labels on soft drink bottles, VND 4,000 / 200 bottles, they earn around VND 40.000 a day.

8) Lê Thị Thùy Trang, 7th Class, middle school Bình Hòa, Củ Chi, orphan, lives with her aunt. Fortunately, her aunt's husband is still busy as a mason, no short-time work.


9) Huỳnh Ngọc Gia Thanh, 7th grade, middle school Nguyễn Văn Nghi, Gò Vấp, the parents sell cơm rượu (Vietnamese dessert) in the market, currently fewer people go shopping, therefore they also have financial bottlenecks. Gia Thanh is grateful for the computer (see report "The hope") because she can learn online because the school is still closed.

10) Phạm Minh Phượng, 8th grade middle school Bình Hưng Hòa, Bình Tân, her mother works as a paramedic in a school and continues to receive a state salary.

11) Nguyễn Xuân Khang, 8th grade, middle school Lê Văn Thới, Gò Dầu, the parents are divorced, his mother has a heart disease, but she has to work extra to pay off debts. As a taecher she still receive a salary.

12) Trần Quốc Hào, 8th grade, middle school Lê Văn Thới, Gò Dầu, the parents are divorced, he lives with the grandparents who sell rice soup. The sale is currently being stopped and the grandfather occasionally finds work as an temporary helper.

13) Đặng Quốc Huy, 10th grade, middle school Bình Hưng Hòa, Bình Tân, his father works as a janitor in a school and still receives a state salary.

Distribution of Corona Aid and a thank you letter from Bao Long.