Ngọc Trâm's Thank-You letter

Currently, follow-up applications for the Greenleaves scholarship are being processed. What is new is that in addition to the certificate and CV, a letter of recommendation and a thank-you note are among the required documents.


The letter of recommendation by recognized personalities who volunteer for an applicant creates trust and testifies to the neediness of an applicant.
The thank-you letter is primarily a thank-you letter to the person who provided the applicant with the scholarship and to report on the usefulness of the scholarship during the past school years. Furthermore, the fellow can share his academic progress, his daily life, his place of residence, his home, etc with the sponsor directly. The sponsors are very interested in the environment, the customs of the children and their families, customs and culture in different regions of Vietnam, especially that this information comes directly from the  godchild.

Ngoc Tram's sponsor is from Germany. We submitted the letter of recommendation and the thank-you letter and sent it to her sponsor.

Thank-you letter

Letter of recommendation

Scholarship notification letter