Y Hien with a dream of escaping poverty through education – The success story

Y Hien is from the Vietnam’s To Drá minority ethnic group.  Her parents, Mr. A Hak and Mrs. Y Nhưk, and brothers and sisters, Y Ngan, A Ngưn, A Hiếu, all work as farmers in Kontum.
In 2019, during the 1st year at the College of Pharmacy, Y Hien was introduced to the Greenleaves Scholarship by Sister Y Hong, a nun from the Miracle Image Order, who has helped raised orphans at several places.
Although Y Hien’s academic performance was only average, GiKaD decided to accept her into the Greenleaves Scholarship program. She has demonstrated a strong desire to succeed and plans to use her knowledge to give back to the society.

Y Hien's academic performance 2019  ̶   During the instruction on how to use the laptop  ̶   Y Hien's résumé

In a letter to her sponsor, she confided:
... Once completing my studies, I wish to have a stable job. I then would save money to help my parents. In addition, I want to involve in charity work to help those in needs. Watching the desperate beggars on the streets, I can't hold back my tears.  Handling them a few coins that I had, I only wish that I could have more to give ...


Y Hien has continually strived to overcome difficulties to improve herself.  After receiving a laptop to support her studies, she managed to study English on her own. She graduated with good grades and is doing an internship to be eligible for higher education at the university.

Y Hien's thank-you letter to her sponsor - Y Hien's diploma

Through the support of the Greenleaves Scholarship program, Y Hien has proven that with the strong will to overcome difficulties, one can turn the dream of escaping poverty through education into reality.

GiKaD would like to congratulate Y Hien on your success and wish you the best on all your dreams and ambitions.